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The electronic money have been appeared a little while ago, but people are just familiar to him. Therefore they are not afraid of possible changes in the payment form in, because future form of that already exists. E-money is the reality of now days. One cannot expect the revolution of money form, but it doesn’t mean the revolution in this area is pure illusion. It will take place, in addition in the deep fundament of financial system, namely in the monetary policy. Actual monetary policy is till bearing the ancient approach, relies on false definition of money, claimed it as the commodity. The practice of money issue already long time forget about it, but the theoretical models still contains restrictions from the time, when money have been based on gold or silver. Contemporarily money exists everywhere in form of fiat (create from nothing). Ignoring this event the theoreticians still try constrain monetary authorities before direct money transfers to cover public needs. They urging to pump it into commercial sphere only. That can’t bring positive resultants in the sake of the saturation of private money benefi ciaries. US and Japan experience last ten years evident, that public money is the sole realistic remedy to break the stagnation. The source of this money should be not the tax revenue, but direct transfer from the central bank.
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